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Portlet & Web Portal



Portlets is a web components produce fragments of markup coding program that are aggregated, managed, displayed plugged into a portal page (web portal). Collection of portlets with many url links hosted in a web portal that resembles a web based application.

Portlets are platform independent Java classes compiled to an architecture neutral bytecode that can be loaded dynamically into and run by a web server. While portlets interact with web clients indirectly through portals, via a request response paradigm but servlets interacts web clients directly.


Examples of portlet applications:

  • News
  • Email
  • Discussion forums
  • Weather reports

Leading vendors are Sun Microsystems, BEA Systems, jBoss, Vignette Corporation, IBM provide commercial implementations of the portlet container.

Web Portal

Web Portal shows information of contents from various sources in a integrated way. It offer services such as news, stock prices, search engine feature, information, entertainment and e-mail services. Portals provide a way for endeavor to provide a consistent look and feel with access control and procedure for multiple applications and different entities together in a combined form.

Examples of Web Portal

  • MSN
  • Yahoo
  • AOL
  • iGoogle

Initially many portals started as search engine such as Lycos, Hotbot, AltaVista, Excite and Web directories i.e Yahoo provide secure to the base level of the user and extend the time a user stayed on the web portal. Web portal offer services such as customization features, free email, chatrooms were considered to improve frequent use of the portal and make users to stay longer in the portal by increasing the advertising revenue. Portals types such as Personal portals,Regional web portals, Government web portals, Corporate web portals, Hosted web portals, Domain-specific portals, Sports portals.

Personal portals: It is a site on the WWW provides a pathway to other content able to work on personal computers, PDA and phones.

Regional web portals: Regional portals contain information such as business information, weather forecasts, street maps.

Government web portals: Government committed to create portal sites for their peoples. For eg portal create by the US government for their citizens, Health related topics from Europe integrated in the Health-EU portal.

Corporate web portals: Include policy managed content publication, workflow management, collaboration between work groups and also offer employees and customers self-service opportunities.

Hosted web portals: include feature such as email, discussion forums, document management, hosted databases.

Domain-specific portals: Example such as property portals give access to services such as removal firm, solicitors, estate agents.

Sports portals: It brings all the information about the sports team gathered in the Sportal.

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One Response to “Portlet & Web Portal”
  1. Lalita Kamde says:

    How to rander Portlet Instance. please tell me in detail.

    i want to goBack from one Portlet Instance to Previous Portlet Instance.

    Thank You.

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