Sunday, September 26th, 2021

The best Dental Health Education in Kerala -Educare Institute of Dental Sciences at Malappuram


The best Dental Health Education in Kerala

Dental health is an important part of health care. There is a huge demand for qualified dental health professionals across India and the world. Today in hospitals across the Middle East, Europe and across the world, you can come across Indian doctors in this field.

With the growing recognition of the need to have proper good looking teeth for facial beauty of a person, there is a growing demand for corrective procedures. There are also cases of diseased, crooked, missing teeth or misshapen jaws that can cause problems for a person to speak that are not left untreated. Cavities and tooth decay can happen to almost anyone as the food habits now days include a lot of sugar and sugary drinks. These along with carbonated water, can damage the enamel of the tooth and expose its root.

Modern doctors who have studied at the Educare Institute of Dental Sciences at Malappuram are at the forefront in addressing these issues. This well designed and equipped college for dental sciences has state-of-the-art equipment and laboratories as part of their imparting of quality education. The students at the college are offered some of the best facilities in South India.

The facilities at the college include Lecture Halls equipped with LCD display systems, excellent sound system and more. The library with a rich collection of technical, reference and academic books is a virtual treasure trove. The students and the faculty has access to digital technology-based research and scholarly journals. Internet sections with umpteen computers are dedicated for internet access and through a tie-up with the Boston University Library. This tie-up with their library facilities over the internet is a major enabler for students who wish to research on areas of interest to them. The library also makes books of general interest available to students. There is also a sizeable collection of academic and entertainment CDs that students can access.

With a large inflow of patients due to the good reputation of the institution, young doctors are not lacking in clinical experience. All these have made Educare Institute of Dental Sciences one of the most preferred dental colleges for students of dentistry, both BDS and MDS.

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