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Purpose and Benefits of Virtual Social Community


Purpose of Virtual Social Community:

The purpose of a virtual community helps to understand what it wants to accomplish, who is the target audience, and how participating in the community would benefit the members. The purpose of the community also helps to define both its structure, and what resources (time, information, and expertise) will be needed to run the community. Communities that have clearly stated goals appear to attract people with similar goals; this creates a stable community in which there is less hostility. A successful community serves a clear purpose in the lives of its members and meets the fundamental goals of its owners. Though communities evolve, and the purpose will change along with the shifting social and economic landscape of the Web, articulating the purpose up front will help to focus thinking and create a coherent, compelling, and successful Web community.

Virtual Community deals with Online interaction spaces and communities have been successfully set up to meet purposes such as: Consider:

  • “Gathering” places where people converse, meet, get to know each other. Examples range from small spaces for families to large spaces for a wider public.
  • Discussing topics such as books, current events, news, global warming, technologies and chocolate details.
  • Socializing – informal connection places.
  • Gather better ideas to enhance the social community.
  • Planning and organizing (community groups, scout groups, sports teams)
  • Teambuilding – strengthening group relationships.
  • Relationship building – finding interesting people and getting to know them.
  • Work spaces for group meetings, interactions etc.
  • Learning spaces (all online or in combination with face-to-face learning, group or individual)
  • Information sharing – a place to share files and ideas.
  • Game playing – just having fun!

Three fundamental needs of virtual community members in their on-line activities:

  • functional needs
  • social needs
  • psychological needs

Functional needs:

Functional needs are met when community members go online to fulfill specific activities. It can be a transaction in which members buy and sell products or services. It also can support information gathering and seeking for both learning purposes and facilitating decision-making. It can be entertainment and fantasy or the convenience or value the virtual community provides to its members where information can be accessed without concerns about time and geographical limits.

Social needs:

Virtual communities are socially structured, convey social meaning, and meet social needs. These social needs may include relationship and interactivity among members since virtual communities give people with similar experiences the opportunity to come together, form meaningful personal relationships and communicate with each other in an interactive way; it may include trust between members and community owners and among community members which is the starting point in online communication; it may also include the fundamental function of any virtual community-communication.

Psychological needs:

Psychological needs make the community a part of their lives. It is because of this social psychology that communities have become such a powerful organizing force in the world of commerce. Specifically, these psychological needs contain identification (who are they), involvement (what connects them), unity/belonging (what are they part of), relatedness (what relationships matter to them in the world), creative forms their communications can take, and the ‘‘there’’ provided by virtual communities in which they can learn new roles, cope with changes, and escape their everyday lives. Some will emphasize one need more than the others. But few will be able to succeed if they address one need to the exclusion of the others, because the strength of virtual communities rests in their ability to address multiple needs simultaneously.

Virtual Community benefits are:

  • Easy access to top-notch coaching training and development
  • Connecting and networking with coaches worldwide
  • It’s inexpensive for people with high access costs – messages can be composed and read offline
  • Accumulate new appraisal from others vision.
  • Reaches and satisfies the End users in the community
  • Opportunities to learn from high-caliber speakers and leaders on a variety of topics and perspectives
  • A place where your voice can be expressed, heard and respected
  • A forum and space that you can help create and that will help you achieve your personal success
  • Good for meetings where you want to come to a conclusion with everyone there
  • Can have a real-time discussion
  • Opportunities for personal growth and contribution and to be part of our talented leadership team
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