Sunday, September 26th, 2021

Health insurance is important for both individuals and families, as it brakes the heavy of any unexpected medical emergencies. Affordable health insurance is a way of safeguarding oneself in case of illnesses or injuries. A health insurance is a legal agreement between the insurance provider and the consumer in which the insurance provider promises to [...]

Life insurance Life insurance is a contract between the insurer and insured. The person who insures his life is called the insured. The company which insures his life is called insurer. The insured is required to pay some amount of money in regular intervals. These payments are referred as premiums. According to the principle of [...]

Mobile encryption software Encryption is the only way to protect important data,the voice is transferred in encrypted form over the entire telephone network so that any third party cannot intercept it. Also the communications encryption is made with 256 bit AES (SHA 256) algorithm and it has 4096 bit RSA key exchange encryption.The software detects [...]

Append a data at the end of html select tag //append at the end of select function addKeyword() { var k = document.getElementById(“word”).value;//get the data from a text filed var elOptNew = document.createElement(‘option’); elOptNew.text = k ; elOptNew.value = k ; var elSel = document.getElementById(“words”);//words is the html select control id try { elSel.add(elOptNew, null); [...]

ANTLR is a Java tool, which abbreviated as “Another Tool for Language Recognition” . ANTLR is a language tool that provides a framework for constructing recognizers, interpreters, compilers, and translators from grammatical descriptions containing actions in a variety of target languages. ANTLR provides excellent support for tree construction, tree walking, translation, error recovery, and error [...]

Cloud computing is a computing system by which it is possible to maintain data and applications in a remote servers in internet. In future there will be of no necessity to maintain one’s own server to conduct business in IT field. You don’t need to establish your own internal server to start a IT business. [...]

Convert String to Blob String data = “hello world”; java.sql.Blob blob = org.hibernate.Hibernate.createBlob(data.getBytes()); Convert Blob to String byte[] bdata = blob.getBytes(1, (int)blob.length()); String data1 = new String(bdata); if the length of blob exceeds the maxvalue for the int, then u can use CLOB format.To store large data we can use CLOB format and to store [...]



DWR DWR is an acronymn of Direct Web Remooting, An Remote procedure call (RPC) library which makes it easy to call Java functions from Javascipt and to call Javascript functions from Java.Export your Java code to a browser and include tthe results in your pages. A Java Servlet running on the web server that processes [...]

Java Magic Number A numerical identifier for the class file. It should always be CAFEBABE, in hexdecimal, stored in the first 4 bytes of the class file. The easiest way to corrupt a class file’s magic number is to upload it to your website with FTP failing to turn on the binary option Magic numbers [...]

XPath XPath derived as XML Path Language is a query language is used to navigate through elements and attributes in an XML document. It contains a library of standard functions. XPath is a major element in World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommendation. XPATH is designed to be used by both XSLT standard and XPointer. It [...]

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