Sunday, September 26th, 2021

Investment properties pros & cons In some metropolitan markets, property has proved a relatively secure investment over the past year. But what should you consider before directing your savings to an investment property? Pros: Advantages of investment properties: In general, property is considered a fairly low-risk investment, and can be less volatile than shares (although, [...]

Download the axis.war from Put the axis.war in jboss\server\default\deploy folder. Then deploy the webservice in the axis.war and deploy the webservice using the command, java org.apache.axis.client.AdminClient ..\src\com\test\stubs\deploy.wsdd then copy the server-config.wsdd file from axis.war/WEB-INF folder and put the file in your WEB-INF folder. first deploy in axis.war and copy the server-config.wsdd file and put [...]

Tata DoCoMo Unlimited plan Internet browsing and surfing on mobile phone with Tata DoCoMo Unlimited GPRS plan. Tata DoCoMo Unlimited GPRS Tariff Package of Rs. 15/ for 3 days unlimited GPRS Access Package of Rs. 95/ for 30 days unlimited GPRS Access You need to first download or activate GPRS on your mobile phone (contact [...]

Types of Linux OS Linux Linux is an increasingly popular operating system that is proving to be a viable alternative to Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s Mac operating systems. Linux is open source, which means that it is developed by a tight-knit community of developers and designed to be permanently free of charge. Because of this, [...]

Take the command prompt and change the the control to the joboss/bin directory then, run -b yourip eg: run -b Then u can access the jboss applications using the ip. eg: Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments [...]

window.onload= function(){ DisableEnableLinks(true) } function DisableEnableLinks(xHow){ objLinks = document.links; for(i=0;i<objLinks.length;i++){ objLinks[i].disabled = xHow; //link with onclick if(objLinks[i].onclick && xHow){ objLinks[i].onclick = new Function(“return false;” + objLinks[i].onclick.toString().getFuncBody()); } //link without onclick else if(xHow){ objLinks[i].onclick = function(){return false;} } //remove return false with link without onclick else if(!xHow && objLinks[i].onclick.toString().indexOf(“function(){return false;}”) != -1){ objLinks[i].onclick = null; } [...]

Airtel DataCard Internet can access anytime and anywhere using Airtel 3G Data card network across India as well as Intentional countries. Roaming charge is included for International destinations. Advantages: 24/7 High speed Internet connectivity through Airtel EDGE network No automatic disconnection, like normal dial-up connections Connectivity to Internet while traveling in India and abroad and [...]

BSNL 3G Data Card BSNL 3G data card offers broadband Internet speed on the move anytime anywhere without any cable and modem. In India you can get up to 3.6 Mbps Speed but most of the time you will get speed of 350 kbps+ which is good enough for video calling, social media, emailing, internet [...]

startsWith and endsWith functions in Javascript inside the Javascript tag, startsWith to check if a string starts with a particular character sequecnce: var data = “Helloo Good Morning”; startsWith String.prototype.startsWith = function(data) { return (this.match(“^”+data)==data) } eg: data.startsWith(“Helloo”); returns true endsWith Function endsWith to check if a string ends with a particular character sequecnce: String.prototype.endsWith [...]

3G Mobiles Internet is well spread all parts of the world having network with variety of scheme and Data plans. Users who want to access the Net very fast in Mobiles, PDA phones use the 3G Data Card, it offers data speed upto 2 Mbps. By using 3G you will get speed with 10-20 times [...]

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