Sunday, September 26th, 2021

3G BlackBerry Blackberry is the most popular mobile phone, which looks luxury in model and has classicality type. It can provide many funs to its users. Blackberry handset has many capabilities that can’t be found on other devices. Main advantage of the Blackberry is able to support various types of new software or applications. An [...]

Drop Data Base from oracle DROP USER databasename cascade; //Oracle It is possible to drop a database in Oracle with the new SQL statement drop database. The command gets rid of datafiles online redo log files, controlfiles and spfile. Example to use the command shutdown abort; startup mount exclusive restrict; drop database; exit Requirements database [...]

Get All Tables in a Oracle and MySql Schema Oracle In Oracle you can use the following query select object_name from user_objects where object_type = ‘TABLE’; MYSQL In MySql you can use the follwing query show tables; Get All Schema in Oracle and MySql ORACLE We can get all oracle schemas using the following query [...]

Java Messaging Service (JMS) The Java Message Service (JMS) provides a standard Java-based interface to the message services of a Message-Oriented-Middleware (MOM) of some other provider. It is based on the (J2EE) Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition. Provide a common away for programs to create, send, receive and read messages in any distributed Enterprise System. [...]

Disable all links using javascript function DisableEnableLinks(xHow){ objLinks = document.links; for(i=0;i objLinks[i].disabled = xHow; //link with onclick if(objLinks[i].onclick and xHow){ //replace the and by && objLinks[i].onclick = new Function(“return false;” + objLinks[i].onclick.toString().getFuncBody()); } //link without onclick else if(xHow){ objLinks[i].onclick = function(){return false;} } //remove return false with link without onclick else if(!xHow && objLinks[i].onclick.toString().indexOf(“function(){return false;}”) [...]

Drop database from mysql The drop database command is used when you no longer need one of the SQL databases on your server. It will remove it permanently. Query Syntax: drop database databasename; //mysql Examples: If the database to be dropped is called “customer_profile”, run the following query to delete the entire database. This will [...]

AWT: Java programming language class library provides a user interface toolkit called the Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT). Effective graphical user interfaces are inherently challenging to design and implement, and the sometimes complicated interactions between classes in the AWT only make this task more complex. The AWT was designed so that programmers don’t have worry about [...]

The Mechanism to channelize NRI investments in India “Non-Resident Indian (NRI) means a person resident outside India who is a citizen of India or is a person of Indian origin”. Need for NRI Investments: Ø Increase in equity level must be from expansion of the equity base. Ø Requirement of Nuclear energy is used in [...]

Difference between Portal and Portlets It’s like the difference between a Servlet and an application server. I. a) A portlet is an interactive component that delivers content to the end user. Developers develop portlets, just like developers develop servlets. I. b) A portal server runs portlets, and delivers a portal page to the end user. [...]

Eclipse is a Java tool, free and open source software built by an open community of tool providers.The eclipse platform provides tool developers with ultimate flexibility and control over their software technology.Eclipse is mainly written in java by use of the various plug-ins in other software language such as COBOL, PHP, Perl, C, C++, Python [...]

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