JSP Tutorial

Tutorial Overview

The prerequisites for the tutorial are:
  • HTML.  You should be able to put together HTML pages.
  • Java.  You should be able to program in Java.
This tutorial teaches JSP by progressing from very simple examples to complex examples.

For best progress, it is recommended that you type in all the examples presented and get them working.  The early examples might seem very simple; please have patience.  By actually typing in the examples and getting them to work, you will gain familiarity with the actual practical issues.  Also spend some time on the exercises, these are designed to solidify your grasp of the material.

The steps in the tutorial are outlined below:

  1. Getting familiar with your JSP server
  2. Your first JSP
  3. Adding dynamic content via expressions
  4. Scriptlets
  5. Mixing Scriptlets and HTML
  6. Directives
  7. Declarations
  8. Tags
  9. Sessions
  10. Beans and Forms Processing
  11. Tag Libraries
  12. Form Editing
  13. Log-in pages
  14. SQL
  15. Sending Email
  16. Further learning
If you are already familiar with some of the material, you might want to just complete any exercise(s) in that section and proceed to the next one.

First step:  Getting familiar with your JSP server