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NetBeans is an open source project that provides free tools and platforms for building applications. It’s a platform for building rich client applications that will run on any operating system that supports a standard JVM. It provides a rich framework of windows, menus, tool bars, actions etc. It is a tool used for developing a wide variety of applications, build for software developers as well as for web developers.

NetBeans is an Integrated Development Environment available as a free open source software environment. It contains set of tools you need to create enterprise web, professional cross-platform desktop, dynamic language such as Ruby, Groovy, PHP, Javascript, mobile applications with the Java language and C/C++. It is easy to install and runs on many platforms including Solaris, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.
NetBeans software is open source and can get it absolutely free. The full download size about to be 219 MB. If you only want NetBeans for a particular scripting language such as Javascript, PHP, C and C++ or Ruby and Rails then you can download that specific portion of the program and the download will be a lot smaller from around 20-30 MB depending on which application you wish to install.

NetBeans community can also offer useful resources for helping you to learn NetBeans as well as offering tools and feedback to help you grow and develop your applications and NetBeans skills.

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