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Reseller Hosting


Reseller Hosting:

A reseller is a middle-man who sells web space on somebody else’s server. Reselling schemes vary widely. They fall into the following categories:

(a) The reseller acts as an agent for the web hosting company. The service is advertised by the reseller as being with the actual web hosting company. People buy direct from the web hosting company but the reseller gets a cut if customers mention the reseller’s name.

(b) The reseller acts as a marketer for the web hosting company. The service is advertised by the reseller as being with the actual web hosting company. People buy the service from the reseller but all further contact they have is direct wih the web hosting company.

(c) The reseller appears to be a web hosting company in his own right, handling sales and support but ‘rebadges’ somebody else’s service. A customer buys web space from the reseller who buys web space (at a lower price) from the actual web hosting company. Customers contact the reseller for support.

Resellers – benefitters:

Reseller hosting is a special form of hosting, where you buy hosting space to be sold to others. Usually, you get a certain amount of storage space and bandwidth, and you can resell (hence the name) it to your customers. Often your space is divided into fixed portions and you can sell only these portions (for example, 10 portions of 25MB hosting space), but sometimes you can divide it flexibly as per your customers’ needs. Below provide a list of benefitters:

  • Specialize in Internet professionals
  • Web Designers
  • Internet entrepreneurs
  • systems integrator
  • Virtual Internet Service Providers

Reseller web hosting is a great way for website design and development companies to expand their ‘in house’ business capabilities by offering their own hosting packages along with the web sites they create. Reselling web hosting can also be an option for the entrepreneur looking to set up a small internet based business with low start-up costs and overheads.

Companies that provide reseller web hosting have various plans, some will sell you a fixed amount of disk space and bandwidth for a certain price that you can then divide up and resell however you wish. Other companies may offer a tiered discount structure based on the number of individual accounts that you have control over. In both cases reseller web hosting is usually anonymous and your customers will have no idea that you are reselling hosting to them.

Some important things you should know about Reseller Hosting

Branding Is Everything

Our system is the most brandable reseller hosting system in the world. No-one has a system which promotes YOUR company name more than ours. We don’t charge for any of the branding options which stretch far more than simply branding your DNS. Post control panel messages for all your end users to see, broadcast notices to all users mailboxes, promote your services using banner ads and much more.

Dedicated Reseller Support Team

Our support staff are on hand to help you brand your account, configure your hosting plans, setup your own branded trouble ticket system, manage automatic invoicing using our billing platform – or anything else you need. They are not distracted by end users paying very low monthly fees and requesting support such as configuring an email client – hundreds of times per month. We work for our resellers only.

Services offered

Our offering is different. We are not seeking applications from resellers who want to save a few pounds on their monthly hosting bill, we want resellers with the ideas and the drive to succeed. We will help you take those ideas and nurture them into tangible long term contracts. We will do our utmost to learn your business, focus on your expectations from us and be there for you day-in day-out. The chances are if you need to supply an Internet related service we can help. We want you to win the business and we want to be the company you choose to provide the service. We will stand shoulder to shoulder with you to help you win even the largest contracts. All of a sudden you are much bigger.



Bandwidth is a key part of your reseller hosting package as it will help determine how many accounts you can create. Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred to and from your site to your visitors. It usually includes web traffic, FTP, and email. Beware of sites offering unlimited bandwidth as this is impossible and they often have a clause in their TOS/AUP that defines what they mean by unlimited. Most reseller packages offer a fair amount and most people barely use 1GB a month, although if you are doing image hosting or so on beaware that could increase quickily. Similarily if you are focusing towards gaming clan hosting large game files, game movies, or so on could use that.


Disk space is the amount of room you have to take up on the disk drive on the server. This is the actual GB or MB of the files you upload, this usually includes the space your emails and any databases take up as well. Once again watch out for the unlimited disk space offer that so many new people fall for. Once again apply what niche you are focusing on to this decision.


The number of domains allowed is important in order to know how many clients you can fit on a plan. If a host offers only 30 domains per reseller account you have to keep that in mind when pricing your plans. Not many web hosting companies offer anything less than unlimited domains so this should be pretty rare. With unlimited domains your plans depend more on the disk space and bandwidth.

Control Panel Choices

There are a lot of control panel options out there, for newbies I recommend starting with a standard like Cpanel or Plesk but this can depend a lot on what market you are focusing on. If you are wanting to offer a lot of free scripts that are easy to install with the click of a button Cpanel with Fantastico is a great option but also more insecure. There are lots of great cheap control panel options as well.

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