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Mobile encryption software


Mobile encryption software

Encryption is the only way to protect important data,the voice is transferred in encrypted form over the entire telephone network so that any third party cannot intercept it. Also the communications encryption is made with 256 bit AES (SHA 256) algorithm and it has 4096 bit RSA key exchange encryption.The software detects and alerts man-in-the-middle attacks, it securely encrypts SMS messages and also protects the storage area of the telephone by encrypting data (documents, excel sheets, emails etc) so cell phone security will remain secure even if the device is stolen or lost.

Confidential information became public causing serious problems for people, companies and institutions involved. It provides military grade technology to secure phone conversations in real time. The advanced technology encrypts mobile to mobile, land-line to land-line, mobile to land-line (vice versa) phone conversations.
Before every call a new encryption key is generated automatically. And it acts as a single combination, an ultra strong protection that is modified every 4 seconds and prevents any interceptation attempt to your communication.

PhoneCrypt, Smart Phone encryption, CryptoPhone, Navastream , secure cell phone encryption software are some of the encryption software designed to combat eavesdropping and interception by providing Military Grade security for your confidential mobile phone conversations.
facilities & Features:

  • It allows two parties to conduct secure voice conversations and send secure messages over existing mobile telephone networks effectively eliminating the chance of a third party eavesdropping on the conversation.
    It encrypts the phone call in both directions, end-to-end, in military grade encryption standards and beyond. On connection between parties, it uses strict verification procedures to ensure the identity of calling parties, backed up by widely endorsed encryption technologies.
    No security or technical knowledge required by user.
    It features robust, 256 bit, triple cipher, three layered encryption based on AES, Twofish and Serpent ciphers. Any one of these encryption algorithms is considered unbreakable by todays standards and the triple layer ensures that encrypted data is future proof.
    A 4Kbit public key ensures encrypted data is safe and secure.
    Mobile phone communications are susceptible to eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks.It prevents man-in-the-middle attacks through extensive security procedures and a unique identity verification module.
    Excelent voice quality;
    Encrypt communication in landline and mobile phones;
    Compatible with landline and mobile phones.
  • Protection Agents detects, alerts and defends against attacks (“Man-in-the-middle”);
    100% secure calls; excellent voice quality, allowing a secure communication from mobiles to landline phones, and vice-versa
  • The software uses internet connectivity through 3G, UMTS, HSPA, W-CDMA, EDGE, GPRS and WiFi;
    protects against attacks from virus or Trojan horse.

Mobile encryption software needs  and  uses for industry  such as

- Consulting & Engeneering;
- Healthcare & Insurance;
- Finance & Legal;
- Concerned Consumers & Individuals;
- Government & Law Enforcement;
- Manufacturing & Suppliers;
- Software & Hi-tech
- R & D industries
- stock and trade exchanges
- broking
- legal and accounting firms
- medical services
Safe & Talk technology is  an anti-interception software for cellphones, a powerful phone call encryption system that will protect you from eavesdropping.
Safe & Talk uses two different encryption modules: asymmetric 1024-bit RSA and symmetric 256-bit RSA. Both modules are certified as secure by the US National Security Agency.  This technology  will be 100% certain that no one is tapping your phone and listening to your important conversations.

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