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Dual SIM Mobile


Dual SIM Mobile

Now a days plenty of people have multiple SIM cards for their mobile phones; One SIM card for personal use and another SIM card for business purpose, different use of SIM cards for better rates at night or in foreign countries. It offer the capability of live two SIMs functional simultaneously with features like call hold and swap, providing real-time switching facility between both SIM at the touch of a button. So, Dual-SIM mobile eliminates the need to carry two phones.

Dual SIM Card

Dual sim card is an intelligent device of SIM card extension that allows using two different SIM cards in one Mobile phone. Dual SIM card takes place directly instead of your SIM card into your mobile’s slot. Once inserted, the new menu appears automatically into your mobile’s menu. Then you can adjust your setting and switch from one number to the other in two clicks. Simore is the inventor of this process and has been copied by many other manufacturers who have simply copy old Simore software version to produce the Dual SIM devices.

In Dual SIM Mobile, one card can be active while the switch between the cards is made with the help of special buttons combination. Before the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) implementation, this situation will not only be preserved but will show positive dynamics of growth. This system has worked successfully in the West for a number of years. A simpler solution to this problem is the usage of two SIM cards with the help of dual SIM mobiles. These dual SIM mobiles became more frequent models on the market now. They allow to use the services of two mobile operators with minimum effort and sometimes to do it simultaneously.


Several Dual SIM mobile phones launched by leading brands in India market. In 2007 Dual SIM mobile became popular. Some of the Dual SIM Mobile such as:

  • Spice D-88 Dual SIM Mobile
  • Spice D-90 Dual SIM Mobile Phone
  • Spice D-1100 Dual SIM PDA Mobile Phone
  • LG KS660 Dual-SIM Touchscreen Mobile Phone
  • Samsung D880 Dual SIM Card Capable Mobile Phone

For example: Matsunichi’s D620 mobile can handle two SIM cards at once, means that you can choose which number you dial out from and receive calls to both numbers. It is a dual-band GSM phone features such as:

  • GPRS
  • WAP
  • Bluetooth
  • 1.3 megapixel integrated camera
  • multimedia playback functions
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