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Java Messaging Service (JMS)


Java Messaging Service (JMS)

The Java Message Service (JMS) provides a standard Java-based interface to the message services of a Message-Oriented-Middleware (MOM) of some other provider. It is based on the (J2EE) Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition. Provide a common away for programs to create, send, receive and read messages in any distributed Enterprise System. Apache ActiveMQ is a good framework for building JMS applications. Message-Oriented-Middleware ensures fast, reliable asynchronous electronic communications, guaranteed message delivery, receipt notification and transaction control.

Common messaging models are:

    Publish-Subscribe Messaging
    Point-To-Point Messaging
    Request-Reply Messaging

Publish-Subscribe Messaging: In this messaging model, need to have multiple senders and multiple Receivers. This model is used, when multiple applications need to receive the same messages.

Point-To-Point Messaging: In this model, may even have multiple senders and only a single Receiver.This model is used, when one process needs to send a message to another process.

Request-Reply Messaging: This model is used, when an application sends a message and expects to receive a message in return. Java Messaging Service does not openly support Request-Reply Messaging though it allows it in the context of the other methods.

Features of JMS:

    Java Messaging Service gives support for distributed transactions.
    JMS used Connection Factories to create connections to a specific JMS provider.
    Reliable and Asynchronous.
    Separate interface are implemented for both Point-To-Point Messaging and Publish-Subscribe Messaging so that Provider does not have to support both messaging model in JMS.
    JMS describes the Topic or Queue concept for sending a message. Queue used for Point-to-Point. Topics used for Publish-Subscribe Messaging.
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