Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

Health insurance


Health insurance is important for both individuals and families, as it brakes the heavy of any unexpected medical emergencies.

Affordable health insurance is a way of safeguarding oneself in case of illnesses or injuries. A health insurance is a legal agreement between the insurance provider and the consumer in which the insurance provider promises to support the medical expenses of the consumer. It covers medical expenses occurred such as hospitalization, prescribed medicines, annual check ups, doctor’s fee etc.

It benefits consisting of medical care (provided directly or through insurance or reimbursement) under any hospital or medical service policy, plan contract, or HMO contract offered by a health insurance company or a group health plan. It does not mean coverage that is limited to accident or disability insurance, workers compensation insurance, liability insurance (including automobile insurance) for medical expenses, or coverage for on-site medical clinics. Health insurance also does not mean coverage for limited dental or vision benefits to the extent these are provided under a separate policy.

Health insurance is free to provide people with any type of support they want, depending on the market available to them.

advantages of health insurance are:

  • Decreasing of medical costs
  • Easy access to routine medical checkups and health care
  • Reduction of trips’ costs to specialist doctors
  • The possibility of hospitalization and treatment
  • benefit ot get the right medication and treatments with proper facilities
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2 Responses to “Health insurance”
  1. I always make sure that my family gets Health Insurance from very reputable companies. health insurance is very important these days.-’*

  2. After the Typhoon Katrina incident, we always make sure that our home is always insured that is why we always get premium home insurance. “:;

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