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Difference between Portal and Portlets


Difference between Portal and Portlets

It’s like the difference between a Servlet and an application server.

I. a) A portlet is an interactive component that delivers content to the end user. Developers develop portlets, just like developers develop servlets.

I. b) A portal server runs portlets, and delivers a portal page to the end user. A portal page can potentially be an aggregation of many, many individual portlets.

II. a) In a normal way, a portlet is an application that provides some content (such as information or service) that forms part of a portal page. A portlet container handles the portlets. A portlet container also processes requests and generates dynamic content. Actually, portals use portlets as pluggable user interface to provide presentation layer information.

II. b) A portal page is made of a set of portlets. For example, the portal page such as Welcome contains portlets such as Navigation, Language, and so on And the portlet Language has icons (such as Look and Feel, Configuration, Minimize, Maximize, and Remove), title icon and title (such as Language), and a window which may contain contents (such as a set of language icons and links).

III. a) A portlet is a specialised content area that occupies a small window of a portal page. Portlets from different sources (Portlet Providers) can be integrated into the portal framework. Example portlets: weather info, news flashes, stock tickers, etc.

III. b) A portal is a web site that acts as hub, gateway or window to other information and services on the Web. Common Web portals are Yahoo, Netscape, etc.

IV. a) Portlet is a specialised content area that occupies a small window of a portal page.

Portlet have an ability to share your data in different forms.

IV. b) Portal is a complete environment for managing and integrating a large number of diverse applications and user repositories across an enterprise wide system.

Portal is a type of website. It act as a gateway to the internet

Ability to transform your data one form to another

Portals have content management features

Portals significantly build upon a normal servlet/JSP website.

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