Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

Cloud computing


Cloud computing is a computing system by which it is possible to maintain data and applications in a remote servers in internet. In future there will be of no necessity to maintain one’s own server to conduct business in IT field. You don’t need to establish your own internal server to start a IT business. The servers will be maintained by the big companies like Google, Microsoft, amazon and others. All you need to do is just to pay them monthly to create and maintain your servers. You don’t need extra manpower and resources to maintain your server. You can invest that time to boost up your business. These servers can also grow dynamically. In addition, you can stop your service with them at any time, which is very good in a sense that you don’t need to worry about selling your servers when you plan to stop your business.

Cloud computing users can avoid capital expenditure on hardware, software, and services when they pay a provider only for what they use. Consumption is usually billed on a utility (e.g., resources consumed, like electricity) or subscription (e.g., time-based, like a newspaper) basis with little or no upfront cost. A few cloud providers are now beginning to offer the service for a flat monthly fee as opposed to on a utility billing basis. Other benefits of this time sharing-style approach are low barriers to entry, shared infrastructure and costs, low management overhead, and immediate access to a broad range of applications.

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