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BSNL IPTV Services


BSNL IPTV Services

IPTV an acronymn as Internet Protocol Television offered an service by BSNL and MTNL networks in India. The services are offered through MyWay services to the BSNL and MTNL customers. MyWay brings truly digital TV service with richer-than-DVD picture and sound quality to your homes through BSNL/MTNL networks.

The IP TV Service provided by BSNL includes Video on Demand Services which is similar to watching Video CDs / DVDs using a VCD / DVD player. Movies, Instructional Videos and other content shall be available to the customers, as part of the IPTV Services.All the three services – Normal Telephone service, Broadband Internet service and IPTV service work together.

BSNL IPTV services

The IPTV services offered to BSNL/MTNL customers include:

  • Live broadcast TV
    Interactive Learning

IPTV is better than the cable TV or DTH services in India. The following are a few of its features that makes BSNL IPTV service is better than DTH or Cable Television:

  • Picture quality is even better than DVD quality
    Enjoy Movies On Demand and Music On Demand as and when you are free, without any fixed Time Schedule. Thus you can play a program such as music, cookery or even a movie on demand at your convenient time. You can pause, forward, rewind as easily as your DVD player.
    IPTV services may not be by poor weather conditions, unlike DTH (Direct To Home) services
    Availability of an Electronic programming guide through which you can watch you desired channel through genres
    Option to Configure a list of your favorite channels
    Option to set reminders for your favorite shows
    With a better parental control feature, you can restrict the channels your children shall watch, using the rating levels available
    With MyWay’s IPTV service, you can book rail tickets, set up a video chat, send and receive SMS or check the latest weather report
    You can watch virtually unlimited number of channels
    Offers your children, a huge database of multiple choice questions on different subjects for various classes
    Education On Demand providing absolute interactivity
    Keeps you updated on the latest trends in fashion circuit
    Offers an exclusive zone for kids including rhymes and ecomics
    You can revisit your on demand programs through a virtual repository called my vault
    IPTV services include generic and individual horoscope match making service too
    You can get PNR status, Arrival/Departure Info and Book Tickets as well

BSNL IPTV rate plans:

MyWay offers IPTV services in four different packages. These include:

  • Junior – 55 channels Rs. 100 per month
    Economy – 80 channels Rs. 130 per month
    Value- 95 channels Rs. 200 per month
    Super Value 140 channels Rs, 280 per month

MyWay services will provide a set top box and connect it to the BSNL/MTNL modem as part of the installation. BSNL’s IPTV will be a post paid service. You can even browse the internet while the TV service is on. During the trial period, no charges are levied. The cost of installation (DVR set top box and remote) is around Rs. 4500/-.

IPTV Tariff

  • Installation and activation charge (One time) Non refundable along with 1st bill 600/-
    Security deposit for SED will be charged in 1st bill Rs. 1500.
    Fixed monthly charge for SED (per month) Rs. 100
    IPTV basic charge per month Rs. 150 for 120 Channels.
    Monthly modem rent Rs. 90
    Modem purchase (one time payment) Rs. 600
    Service tax and other taxes will be extra as applicable over and above the charges prescribed above.
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