Saturday, March 23rd, 2019

Java Messaging Service (JMS) The Java Message Service (JMS) provides a standard Java-based interface to the message services of a Message-Oriented-Middleware (MOM) of some other provider. It is based on the (J2EE) Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition. Provide a common away for programs to create, send, receive and read messages in any distributed Enterprise System. [...]

Disable all links using javascript function DisableEnableLinks(xHow){ objLinks = document.links; for(i=0;i objLinks[i].disabled = xHow; //link with onclick if(objLinks[i].onclick and xHow){ //replace the and by && objLinks[i].onclick = new Function(“return false;” + objLinks[i].onclick.toString().getFuncBody()); } //link without onclick else if(xHow){ objLinks[i].onclick = function(){return false;} } //remove return false with link without onclick else if(!xHow && objLinks[i].onclick.toString().indexOf(“function(){return false;}”) [...]

Drop database from mysql The drop database command is used when you no longer need one of the SQL databases on your server. It will remove it permanently. Query Syntax: drop database databasename; //mysql Examples: If the database to be dropped is called “customer_profile”, run the following query to delete the entire database. This will [...]

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